Phillips & Jordan, Inc. (P&J)

Incorporated in 1959, P&J is based in Knoxville, Tennessee,
and its primary areas of work now relate to:

  1. Heavy Civil Infrastructure Construction - Large earth moving, site preparation, and construction projects including reservoirs, dams, impoundments, and other water resources; manufacturing, distribution, rail, and port facilities; landfills and other industrial and commercial sites; and power facilities and coal combustion residual management.
  2. ROW Construction - Turnkey right-or-way (ROW) services for transmission line, pipeline, and substation construction, from foundation drilling to high hazard tree maintenance.

RowCon, LLC

RowCon (a hybrid name referring to “ROW construction”) is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and serves as a turnkey provider of all ROW construction services required to facilitate access for the construction of pipelines and transmission lines.



RowCon specializes in:
  1. Installation and removal of matting and aggregates.
  2. Construction of fences, gates, access roads, crane pads, culverts, and bridges.
  3. Clearing, grinding, and disposal of vegetative debris.
  4. Installation and management of stormwater pollution prevention plans.
  5. Substation site grading and preparation.

National Fleet Services, LLC (NFS)

Established in 2017 and headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, NFS supplies heavy equipment to P&J and RowCon projects nationwide. Our highly skilled and strategically placed team of experienced mechanical services, logistics, and equipment management personnel maintain our equipment fleet in the field and in our shops. This controls our repair costs and improves our efficiency and availability.

NFS manages:
  1. More than 2,300 total numbered pieces of equipment including rolling stock and specialized equipment strategically placed nationwide.
  2. More than 750 pieces of heavy yellow iron with the latest grade control technology.
  3. Two full-service repair shops in two different states.